Small Start to Big Future

A238 Studios is a small, local web development shop located in Carmel, Indiana. I pride myself with being a one stop shop for all your web needs. Such as hosting, development of your site, Google SEO and a very skilled graphic designer. We love to provide a quick turn around and get your plans off the ground quickly after we've been given the go ahead on the website. 

As the web continues to grow, it's becoming ever more important to have your own identity. Having a website dedicated to your business, product, ideas or even your own portfolio shows how much you stand out from the crowd. With great rates for small to medium sized companies and even personal, stand alone sites, I'm sure to set you apart from the rest!


I strive to show that not everything has to be complicated when it comes to the internet. With straight-forward, all inclusive pricing I am your one stop shop for your unique site. Weather you're looking to sell your product in your very own web based store, a small business looking to get some extra traffic or a dedicated site for your resumé. I have the skills and connections to get you the site you need.




Website Design

I have been designing website from the ground up for several years now. I would like to offer a more reliable, personable and less costly alternative to web designers out there. No hidden fees, and all information upfront.

Custom Graphics

Thanks to some great personal relations I have a team of two designers at the ready to complete nearly any design task. From graphics to business cards, we have you covered.

Media Mediums

While the internet can be a vast place for media A238 Studios looks to bring them all together under one name. With the growing view on media it's important to keep our view just as wide.

Consultation Services 

With a wide array of knowledge in web development. A238 Studios can assist in making your already existing site function more efficiently or give it a boost in a wide array of design choices.